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TikTok – Social Media Advertising That Works

TikTok has emerged as a serious contender to cost-effectively reach your audience via TikTok advertising. With a user base in Australia in the tens of millions and over forty billion (yes you read that right) TikTok views each month, it is in an incredibly viable option depending on your goals.

As a TikTok advertising agency, we’ve run several campaigns on the platform which operates similarly to other social media advertising platforms behind the scenes, with some key differences. It is still an auction, where you will bid on getting your ad in front of your target audience, however it also offers more traditional buys in terms of premium placements.

TikTok advertising will work best for your brand if you have the creative resource to utilise a video asset that natively could be mistaken for an actual TikTok. You can repurpose a TVC, but in all honesty, for the sake of your results, you shouldn’t.

Create Scroll Stopping Content on TikTok

Like most social platforms, you must be producing content that will stand out. TikTok is no different. You also must be consistent in posting. TikTok users are always looking for the latest trends. Your TikTok ads need to be trendy and relevant to your target audience. Whether that be keeping up with the latest hashtag challenges or creative videos that will go viral. Ads on TikTok must follow this same strategy.

TikTok Ads + Influencer Campaigns

TikTok ads can as well involve influencer marketing. TikTok is an influencer marketing factory – people have started their careers off of this social platform! When it comes to TikTok advertising, if you want a specific audience, you can attract them by having your favourite micro-influencers or big influencers represent your brand and create content for your ads. TikTok influencers and especially the right influencer can make engaging content for your business and make a big impact on your audience. If you don’t have someone in mind yet, as part of your campaign, we can work together to do some influencer sourcing to find a TikTok influencer who will reach your target audience through an authentic experience and creative content.

Sunny Digital – The TikTok Advertising Agency

With a variety of TikTok marketing agencies, it might be hard to make a decision. However, we want to ensure that you are in expert hands when you start a campaign with us. Sunny Digital is a TikTok-approved advertising agency, so you know our TikTok ads are on point.

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Not sure where to start with TikTok Marketing?

Our TikTok marketing campaigns begin with an assessment of your business and the goals you would like to achieve. TikTok has a place in most marketing mixes, depending on your budget and goals.

Our approach to TikTok ads is simple – we will first evaluate whether or not it is a good fit for your brand, audience and goals. You might think TikTok is purely for a much younger age bracket, however, the numbers we get each month (and remembering paid ads you choose the ages you want to target) would surprise you.

If we agree that TikTok advertising is going to help reach your goals, then it all comes down to the targeting and creative which we will help create and ensure you understand the approach.

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