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Think of all the posts your ad is competing with for space in the social feed of your potential customer. Their friends, their family, the NBA daily updates from ESPN. Really interesting stuff for your potential customer. So your ad creative needs to be nothing short of incredible to stop their scroll and even look at your ad.

That being said, the best creative in the world is actually the worst if it’s served to the wrong audience. We layer demographic, geographic, time, interest and behavioural targeting to deliver your ads the social media accounts of the people most likely to buy from you.

Our social media advertising services cover all social channel ad platforms (oh, did we mention we’re approved agency partners with all of them?):

Got data? Let’s have a chat around how we can use that data to ensure your campaigns have minimal wastage.

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Sunny Success Story

SkyCity Auckland boasts a plethora of fine dining options, each with their own brand.

Before Sunny Digital was engaged, social media advertising investment was not tracked to a tangible ROI figure. We implemented custom Facebook pixel integrations to push actual booking gross profit back to the ad account so we could look past booking volume and look at booking value.

Our campaigns broke down the decision making process of a restaurant goer, multiplied it by each unique restaurants offering and layered it with extremely intricate targeting to have over 150 ads, each with unique copy and creative designed to be delivered to the right person. All of these carefully curated ingredients led to achieving an ROI of 20:1.



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