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Facebook advertising (under the Meta umbrella) is often the bread & butter of most businesses’ digital advertising strategy. It is one of the King Kong twins (Instagram Ads being the other) in the digital marketing jungle.

It has immense targeting options (even post-cookie-pocalypse) and an unrivalled user base. The creative options of Facebook ads are accessible and engaging which makes the question of how you should tackle your Instagram advertising a potentially murky one with so many options available.

Your Facebook Advertising Team

Sunny Digital doesn’t have jack-of-all-trades digital marketers. We have specialists. Our Social Advertising Team live and breathes Facebook advertising every day. We’ve seen the platform evolve and are often testing new approaches outside of the norm.

Your Facebook advertising team is ready to help walk you through the data and our recommendations.

Create Thumb Stopping Instagram Ads

Your Facebook advertising creative needs to be exceptional. No two ways about it. You can have the best targeting in the world, but if the ad being served to the right person at the right time isn’t going to capture their attention, you’ve wasted your money.

We provide extensive creative briefs around what we know works. If you have historic campaign data we will also leverage the insights within to ensure we don’t make any mistakes you may have in the past!

With a variety of Facebook marketing agencies, it might be hard to make a decision. However, we want to ensure that you are in expert hands when you start a campaign with us. Social media advertising and digital marketing are our forte. Sunny Digital has an extensive experience with Facebook ads, so you know your Facebook ads will be on point.

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Not sure where to start with Facebook Ads?

If you want to know if Facebook advertising is for you, then we can help. Our initial process is to intimately get to know your target audience and only then decide which channels are appropriate to hit your goals.

If Facebook advertising is going to work for you, then we will advise on the right targeting, creative, and overall approach to gain your buy-in. Then, we will get to work on creating your Facebook advertising campaigns!


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