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Want to push your content as an ad? Or even just use the “Recommended stories for you” section as more paid advertising real estate? These ads can be incredibly cheap to get mass scale and drive incremental traffic and leads/sales to you.

If you sell toasters, you may look at an article titled “Top 5 Toasters to buy this year”, when you get to the bottom of the page a recommended article is called “Top 3 things to consider when buying a toaster”.

Plot twist, it’s a link to an article that you’ve written that weaves in a calls to action throughout the article that links to your toaster. Now replace toaster with your product/service and the plot twist with a free Sunny Digital proposal.

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Sunny Success Story

Building a new city centre is no easy feat. Maroochydore CBD on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast was always on the map, but now more so with 7 million impressions being served to C-Suite execs in an effort to plant the seed of their future commercial real estate decisions.

Typically an audience demanding a very expensive cost per click, our refined targeting methods saw our cost per click fall under a dollar. Since the campaign, multiple clicks on the sponsored content have turned in to actual tenants of the upcoming development.



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