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Is your website, how do we say nicely… not-so-great at converting the traffic it does get? It’s such a shame when you’ve got a quality ad, amazing targeting and a great offer that drives a click… but then that person can’t navigate or easily understand your website so they leave.

We have built landing pages for clients in this scenario that convert every 1 in 5 (20%!) clicks to a high quality lead. To put that in context, most lead based businesses are happy with 1 in 20.

We also A/B test our landing pages to ensure we are constantly improving your conversion rate.

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Sunny Success Story

Increasing conversion rate from 5% to 15%? That’s the difference between $1k of ad spend and a $1 cost per click resulting in either 50 or 150 leads/sales. We implemented a much friendlier UX and information architecture for lead pages for Hush Energy, whilst ensuring our call to action was prominent throughout the page without being overpowering. We also split test elements including a multi step form vs. a static form which has led to leaps in conversion rates.



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