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Competitions are a great way to capture leads. If you offer something of value specific to your audience, you should get people who could become your customer entering. Imagine if your ideal customer is someone who likes basketball and your product is basketball shoes. If you offer a prize of free NBL season tickets, the people that enter should be in the realm of eventually purchasing your product, but now you have their details and can market to them directly!

We build competitions utilising Gleam software, which has the ability to help your competition go viral by offering additional entries by completing more entry mechanisms such as sharing, following and more.

Once the platform is built, you’ll need to market it which is where social media advertising comes in handy!

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Sunny Success Story

Big Kart Track is the go-to, go-karting option in Queensland. We helped them run an online competition with nothing more than a $350 valued helmet and a pinch of ad spend which resulted in 2.4K+ entries from people who loved racing and had not been to the track before.



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