Not another advertising privacy update…

You may or may not be aware that the Privacy Act is currently under reform. Holding together the fabric of your data rights as a consumer and the responsibilities of businesses that use them since 1988, the Australian Government is inching ever so closer to drafting legislation off the back of its official review of the act completed in March.

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6 changes in the digital world you need to know…

Over the last two years, digital marketing has undergone significant changes.

The fast-paced evolution of technology, changing consumer behaviour and increased competition have all done their part in contributing to the transformation of digital marketing (and the digital world) as we know it. 

Here at Sunny Digital, we make it our priority to stay ahead of the game by utilising and maximising new technologies as they become available. 

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2023 Marketing Leverage Dates

Your list of potential campaign leverage points in 2023.

Marketing messages often resonate much better when they lean on timely events – whether cultural, sporting or just a good old reason to have a sale i.e. Black Friday.

Equally, there are some days to be aware of and consider how you might adjust your messages to be considerate of these days. They have been marked with an asterisk*.

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Multi advertiser ads on Instagram – worth it?

Multi advertiser ads on Instagram – worth it?

Multi-advertiser ads are a relatively new feature inside Meta ads manager, that “allow businesses to be discovered by people who have shown commercial intent by engaging with relevant business content and are in a shopping mindset.”.

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A Lunch Break at Sunny Digital

Digital marketing agencies have a bad name when it comes to work life balance. Not Sunny Digital. We prioritise our team’s work life balance in many ways, but one small one is not accepting, not taking lunch breaks.

Unfortunately we don’t have a smog filled city to walk around in on our lunch break. Our team can be knee deep in data one minute, then in the ocean the next. How horrible right?!

Check out what our staff can do in an hour below!


Q4 eCommerce Marketing Dates

Can you believe it is almost Q4? Absolute madness.

Q4 not only brings us warmer weather and (hopefully) some much-needed days off, but also the grand slam of the marketing calendar for most businesses.

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Enhanced CPC vs. Maximise Conversions | Google Ads Test




One of the constant battles in all digital advertising and marketing platforms is the balance about how much power you give the advertising channel to optimise itself via machine learning versus the irreplaceable instinct and knowledge of a qualified digital marketer.

At Sunny Digital, we follow the formula of ML x HI = AO.

ML = Machine Learning.
HI = Human Intelligence.
AO = Amazing Outcomes.

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Should you stack your LAL audiences in Facebook & Instagram Advertising?



We recently tested stacking various look-a-like audiences in our Facebook & Instagram (Meta) advertising campaigns across 11 different clients/campaigns.

What is lookalike stacking in Facebook & Instagram, advertising? 

Lookalike (LAL) stacking is where you combine more than one predefined LAL audience in the same ad set. For example, instead of purely utilising a LAL of people who have purchased in the last 60 days, you might build something like:

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Meta Bid Strategy Test: Cost Per Result vs. Highest Volume

Every time you run an ad campaign on Facebook or Instagram, you’re entering an auction and competing on getting your ad on a user’s screen. How much you pay is simple supply & demand (along with other algorithm factors) based on how many advertisers are also trying to get in front of a 29 year old female based in Sydney who has an avid interest in fashion, puppies and basketball (for example).

One of the first steps in setting up your campaign, is to select a bid strategy.

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Google Analytics 4 – Yay or Nay?

The short story is we don’t have a choice! Eventually GA4 will become the dominant analytics platform, overtaking its predecessor, Universal Analytics. Having said that, it may not be the time to completely forget about UA while Google still irons out some kinks with GA4.

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