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Yo Digital, Chill!

In 1994 a mysterious banner appeared on the internet. The banner read: ‘Have you ever clicked your mouse right here? —> You Will. This ground-breaking experiment was actually what is now described as the first-ever internet ad. It was launched by tech company AT&T and part of a wider advertising campaign. This banner, believe it or not, achieved a 44% click-through-rate and sparked a world-wide advertising revolution. The last 12 months have been absolute whirlwind for the digital marketing game, so let’s break it down.


iOS14 and App Tracking Transparency

Advertising has gone through some serious evolution since its humble beginnings. From black and white print ads, to radio, to the revolutionary TV ads. We can now take a step back and marvel at the sophisticated operation we call digital marketing: audience targeting, relevant ads and detailed tracking. What a time.

Well, Apple is about to change the advertising game forever.


Sunny Digital Acquired By NASA

Sunny Digital has officially been acquired by NASA – the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. NASA plans on expanding Sunny Digital by opening a digital marketing agency on the Sun.

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